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Document 6 : UX et intranet

Document 7 : Plan Marketing 30 pages

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Document 11 : cours du 15 janvier 2016 : inbound

Document 12 : Service Design : UI UX CX IxD (MCA) 22 janvier

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Une entreprise doit être à l’écoute de ses clients.
Appliquez les trois niveaux d’attentes consommateurs (website, mobile, living services) à une chaîne de restaurants (type ou autre de taille supérieure).
Vous développerez principalement les aspects de la digitalisation de l’offre et des « liquid expectations » pour disrupter le secteur. Quels outils de content et inbound vous seront-ils utiles ?

Travail personnel
Distribution du sujet : 19 février
Date limite de retour : 29 février
Maximum un feuillet de 1500 signes
Minimum 750 signes
Taille : de 25 à 50 lignes de 30 caractères
Sans pièce jointe donc dans le corps du mail
Attention à votre signature et au small talk

Document 15 : Business Development Cours de fev 2016

Document 16 : cours du 11 mars 2016

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CAS SLATE pour MASTER CMS (oct 2015)

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Steve Blank Bio (video)

Steve Blank (video) "Get out of the building"

Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten

Nouveau Marketing


1. Strategy
2. Brand
3. Experience
4. Data
5. Digital
6. Personalisation
7. Technology
8. Creative
9. Content
10. Multi-screen
11. Social
12. Commercial


Personalised ads: what does the future hold?

How audience culture and age should shape your personalisation strategy
When is personalisation appropriate? And how are consumer views of personalisation evolving?
What does the future have in store for predictive personalised marketing

The Best Interface Is No Interface

Golden Krishna, Author, "The best interface is no interface", SXSW keynote speaker, and Senior User Experience Designer, Zappos
Family of Companies. Econsultancy’s research says that customer experience is the number one most exciting trend in digital over the next five years.
But how should we be thinking about UX and interface design? What makes for great experiences?
Golden Krishna, author of “The best interface is no interface”, works for Zappos imagining and designing their future. Working
on small and agile teams at a San Francisco research and development lab Golden is building and exploring new opportunities in
order to push one of the world's greatest customer service companies towards new directions that deliver happiness.

Internet of Things – where are we at?

There has been plenty of talk and excitement around the internet of things. But, from a marketing perspective, what is actually
happening and what is likely to happen? What are the real opportunities for digital marketing and IoT?

The Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing was a hot topic in 2014. But what about this year and beyond? Has content marketing jumped the shark? Will it
go the way of ‘web 2.0’? Or is it set to grow further still and, if so, how and why?
To give us his unique insights on this we’ve invited King of Content Marketing Mr Doug Kessler. An Econsultancy favourite,
always insightful, always provocative, always entertaining.

The Future of Search Marketing

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Digital Marketing and the Next Generation William Higham, Consumer Futurist, Speaker, Author and CEO, Next

Big Thing

Much of the day is looking at the future of particular digital marketing disciplines. But what about our future customers? Will
digital marketing be relevant in the same way for Generation Y and indeed Z? If not, how not? How should we be thinking and
planning for a digital marketing future where are customers have grown up in an entirely different environment and have
different expectations, behaviours and aspirations?

The Uber for [insert pretty much anything]... - here's a real example

The Future of Social Media

Andrew is a social media pioneer and former CEO of leading social influence platform Kred. He is passionate about social and the
way it is transforming not just media and communications but entire businesses. Andrew talks around the world on the evolution
of social including a recent TEDx Talk at the London Business School. So we thought he’d be the perfect person to give us his
insights into where social media is heading.

3D Printing – what’s in it for marketing?

3D printing is another exciting technology advancement that promises to revolutionise and disrupt. So much the hype but how
could 3D printing be of interest to marketing and the future of digital marketing?

Augmented/Virtual Reality – really?
Proximity marketing: the past, present and future of location-based solutions in 7 minutes
Yes, mobile users do convert! What we've learned from hundreds of brands using content marketing
Predictive analytics – here’s how it’s gonna be
Programmatic creative – the ultimate marriage of art and science?
The user is drunk – lessons in UX from an inebriated tester by Richard Littauer, UX Designer
Video-tastic – cool things coming in digital video






NEW : Liste des 220 acronymes du digital

Télécharger le lexique des ACRONYMES

Toute spécialité a son jargon, voici 220 acronymes – pas tous pertinents - du marketing digital…
404 : lost traffic
AAS : Average Active Session
AARRR : Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue
ABC : Always Be Closing
ACSEL : Association pour commerce et services en ligne (Association de l’économie numérique)
ADEX : Ad Exchange plateform
ADX : Google DoubleClic Ad Exchange plateform
AdTech : Advertising Technology (voir MarTech)
AMP : Accelerated Mobile Pages
API : Application program interface (voir MtoM)
AR : Augmented reality
ARPU : Average revenue per user
ASO : App Store Optimization (voir Search)
ASP : Application service provider
AtAwAd : Anytime Anywhere Anydevice
ATF : Above the fold
ATL : above the line (voir media)
BAT : Baidu Alibaba Tencent
BOB : Best of Breed
BOFU : Bottom Of Funnel
BPM : Business Process Management
BR : bounce rate
BTF : Below the fold
BTL : below the line (voir hors media)
BtoG : business to Government
BtoR : Business to Retail
BYOD : Bring your own device
CCO : Chief Customer Officer
CDC : Cahier des Charges
CDJ : customer digital Journey
CDO : Chief Digital Officer
CEM : Customer Experience Management
CLV : Customer lifetime value
CM : Community Manager
CMI : Communication Marketing intégrée (IMC)
CMS : Content management system
COOC : Corporate Open Online Course
COS : Cost Of Sale
CPA : collective performance et acquisition
CPA : Cost per acquisition / action
CPC : Cost per click (Cost-per-Customer)
CPCV : Cost per completed view [CPCV = Cost ÷ Completed Views ]
CPL : Cost per lead
CPM : Cost per thousand
CPT : Cost-per-Transaction
CPV : Cost per view (see also PPV)
CR : Conversion rate
CRM : Customer relationship management
CRO : Conversion rate optimization
CSS : Cascading Style Sheets
CTA : Call to action
CtoB : Customer to Business
CtoC : Customer to Customer
CTR : Click Through rate
CX : Customer experience (including UX)
D3.js : voir DDD
DDD : Data Driven Document
DM : Direct mail
DM : Direct message Twitter
DMExCo : Digital marketing exposition and conference in Cologne
DMP : Data management platform
DNS : Domain name system
DR : Direct response
DSP : Demand Side platform
ECM : Enterprise Content Management
ECR : Efficient Consumer Response
ECPM : Effective CPM
EII : Enterprise Information Integration
EPC : Earnings per click
EPM : Earnings per thousand
ERP : Enterprise Resource Planning (PGI)
ES : Executive Summary
ESB : Enterprise service bus
ESP : Email service provider
ET : Exit traffic
ETL : Extraction Transformation Loading
FBX : FaceBook Ad Exchange
FMCG : Fast Moving Consumer Goods
FODM : Future of Digital Marketing by eConsultancy
FOMO : Fear Of Missing Out
FPD : First Party Data
FTP : File transfer protocol
GA : Google Analytics
GAFAMS : Google Amazon Facebook Apple Microsoft SalesForce
GESTE : Groupement des Editeurs de Contenus et Services en Ligne
GRP : Gross Rating Points
HK : hubert kratiroff
HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language
HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
IAB : Interactive Advertising Bureau
IDC : International Data Corporation
IM : Instant Messaging
IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocol
IMC : integrated marketing communication
IOT : internet of things
IP : Internet Protocol
IPO : Initial Public Offering
IPTV : Internet television
IRL : in real life
IS : Income Statement
ISP : Internet service provider
IxD : design d’interaction
JS : JavaScript
JSON : JavaScript Object Notation
KOL : Key Online Leader
KPI : Key Performance Indicator
LTV : Lifetime Value
MarCom : marketing and communication
MarTech : Marketing Technology
MCA : market contact audit
MLM : Multi Level marketing
MNO : mobile network operator
MOFU : Middle Of the Funnel
MoMaMa : Modern Marketing Manifesto by eConsultancy
MOOC : Massive Open Online Course (COOC Corporate et SPOC Small Private)
MRM : Marketing Resource Management
MtoM : Machine To Machine
MVNO : Mobile Virtual Network Operator
MVP : Minimum Viable Product
MVT : Multi-variate testing
NATU : Netflix Airbnb Tesla Uber
NBC : Net Brand Contribution
NBIC : Nanotechnologie Biotechnologie Informatique (sciences de l’information et de l’intelligence) & sciences Cognitives
NFC : near field communication
OI : opt-in
OO : opt-out
OS : open source
OS : Operating system
OTR : Off The Record
OTS : Opportunity to See
OTT : Over The Top
P2P : peer to peer (pair à pair)
PGI : Progiciel de gestion intégré (ERP)
PHP : Personal Home Page / Hypertext Preprocessor
PM : private message
POEMS : Paid Owned Earned Media (Social)
POP : Post Office Protocol
POS : Point of Sale
PPC : Pay per click
PPL : Pay per lead
PPV : Pay per view
PR : PageRank
QR Code : Quick response code
QS : Quality score
R : r-project.org : programming language for statistics
RA : réalité augmentée
RFI : Request for information
RFID : Radio Frequency Identification
RFM : recency frequency monetary
RFM : Récence Fréquence Montant
RFP : Request for proposal
RLSA : remarketing lists for search ads (Google)
RML : Report Markup Langage (XML)
ROBO : Research Online Buy Offline
ROI : Return on investment
ROMI : Return on marcom investment
RON : Run of network
ROPO : Research Online Purchase Offline
ROR : Ruby on Rails
ROS : Run of site
RSS : Really Simple Syndication
RT : Retweet
RTB : Real time bidding
RTD : Real time data
SaaS : Software as a service
SCU : Single Customer View
SD : service design
SE Traffic : Search Engine Traffic
SEA : Search Engine Advertising
SEM : Search engine marketing
SEO : Search engine optimization
SERP : Search engine results page
SFA : Sales Force Automation
SFD : Spécifications Fonctionnelles Détaillées
SFG : Spécifications Fonctionnelles Générales
SLA : Service level agreement
SM : Social media
SMM : Social media marketing / management
SMO : Social media optimization
SMP : Social media platform
SMS : Short message service
SMTP : send message transfer protocol
SNCD : Syndicat National Communication Directe
SoLoMo : Social Local Mobile
SOV : Share of voice
SRI : Syndicat des régies internet
SSL : Secure Sockets Layer
SSP : Supply Side platform
SVG : Scalable Vector Graphics
TCD : Tableau Croisée Dynamique (Pivot Table)
TLD : Top level domain (.com / .fr / .net)
TMS : Tag management system
TOFU : Top of Funnel
TOS : Terms of service
TPD : Third-Party Data
TRM : Total relationship management
UBM : Unité de Bruit Médiatique (indice Kantar)
UGC : User Generated Content
UI : User interface
URL : Uniform resource locator
USP : Unique selling proposition [Rosser Reeves]
UV : Unique visitor
UX : User experience (cf. CX)
VC : Venture Capital
VM : Viral marketing
VOD : Video on demand
VRM : Vendor Relationship Management
VU : Visiteur Unique
WOM : Word of Mouth
WOW : effet Waou
WYSIWYG : What you see is what you get
XML : Extensible Markup Language
ZMOT : Zero Moment of Truth

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